In 1969, the entrepreneurial vision of Don José Brito Brito Textile Zaragoza founded in the city of Puebla de los Angeles, the heart of Mexico.


With nationalistic sense, for 45 years, this family business 100% Mexican proudly defended and helped with the development of the domestic textile industry.


Today, innovative spirit makes us an ongoing project to transform and adapt to changing consumer demands has earned us the respect of competition and honored by the loyalty of our consumers.


In the city of Puebla de los Angeles initiates sleep and entrepreneurship with the first shuttle looms and quickly positioned itself as a leading producer of poquetín


Growing facilities, equipment gradually be replaced with Swiss rapier weaving machine high performance. In 1992 the production of bias and with it exports to the United States, Central and South America begins.


Textile rite consolidates diversified (cloth, bags, waistbands, etc.), and increasing their productive capacity; Ecobambu created in 2003, flagship brand that positions itself as a protector of the body and nature


This year we condense the story with a transparent image, which merges two paradoxes in the industry: the strength of the company with the delicacy of its products, the efficiency with beauty and speed to quality, all features of an icon that summarizes the colorful and cheerful spirit colibrito, a weaver of dreams.